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Meat Pie

I remember back when I was a kid and we used to live in Lytton, BC (used to be called the Hotspot of Canada, though I think Osoyoos has stolen the title).  About once a month, we'd all pile into the suburban and head down to Vancouver.  This was a three to four hour trip. When I was in grade six we moved to Taylor BC.  (Yes, the same town on CBC TV going through Village on a Diet).  The trip from Taylor to Vancouver was over 13 hours.  Sometimes they would stop at Lytton for a break, but sometimes it was straight through.  Bathroom breaks consisted of a bush on the side of the road.  Lunch and dinner was whatever mother had made for us.  Thus today's topic - Meat pie. That was one of her staples for long road trips.  She made hers on a cookie sheet.  Pastry covered in a thin layer of regular ground beef, some form of gravy and peas, then covered in pastry.  We never got to eat it warm, it was always saved for the road trips and eaten cold.  I remember a couple of times they ac…