Thursday, June 26, 2014

Just an update

Well, it has been a long while since posting.  But I have been perfecting my cheesecake recipes for my little dessert catering business:  Bite Me Desserts.  Which is still in the birthing stage a year after conception.  I have a website, but have done nothing with it.

I have also been having fun with other recipes.  I made a rhubarb, beet pecan cake.  Which is supposedly like a kicked up version of carrot cake.  And I agree after the first attempt, that the cake portion was similar to carrot cake.  But all of the beet and rhubarb settled into the center and that was very very moist.  While the outer edges ended up being more cake like.

I played with my mini cheesecake the other day. I made a four inch chocolate, hollowed out the center with a cookie cutter and then had baked two inch peanut butter cheesecakes.  I put one of these in the center of the chocolate. I thought of adding chocolate ganache over the top, but ended up just cutting them up and eating them

New favourite food is kale.  Love eating the curly kale raw in salads.  Or crisped in a frying pan with sea salt.  Or added to my pasta sauce. Or in my morning smoothie.  I'm sure you get that I'll eat it in just about anything.

I fell off the wagon. I had gone five months with minimal alcohol intake and cut way back on bread unless I was out for dinner or lunch and ordered a sandwich/burger.  But the month of June I had gone to Summerland BC and toured the Bottleneck Drive as they call it.  Ended up coming home with 30 plus bottles of wine.  Delicious, fruity, dry, smokey, mineral, citrus, yummy wine.  So, the wine intake went up and by happenstance so did bread.  However, the ten pound weight loss has been maintained even if the exercise went down proportionately with the intake of the wine and bread.  Which is good.  However, having just had my birthday yesterday, and turning 52, it would seem an appropriate time to get back on the exercise training routine.


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